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Good morning Donna, and all those to follow from a warm Texas. This is suppose to be our last really warm day, but we shall see. Our high for tomorrow, is suppse to be at midnight tonight.

Usually this time of morning it is bright and sunny out, but it is still dark, so I know the season has changed.

Today I have to go grocery shopping. The freezer is empty, and it cost so much these days to fill, so that part I am not looking forward to.

Ladies and for those who cook, you can relate to this. Yesterday I cooked a pork roast. I started around 2:30, and we ate at 5:00. All that cooking, and in 30 minutes we were done. I must be getting tired of cooking, because that seems like a lot of prep, for enjoyment for such a short time.

Well it is time to get my day started. I hope all of you have a good one.

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