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Default As you know there is little threat of Pirates attacking cruise ships but you might be

As you know there is little threat of Pirates attacking cruise ships but you might be interested in these thoughts about how to fight off a pirate with a sword

Try to avoid a confrontation with a pirate. Most of the time the cruise ship's crew will be able to take care of the Johnny Depp " Pirates of the Caribbean" type pirate.

Try plying them with rum if you can. The rum will slow them down mentaly.

Throw in a few Pirate phrases in your conversation.
Pirate talk will throw them off and they will be scrathing their heads; they will not know if you are a real pirate. The pirate's guard will be down. Time to attack.

At this point swing your sword in steady, quick blows up and down and to the left and right.

Assuming you must disable your attacker, do not try to stab with your sword. A stabbing motion will put you off balance and will leave your sword far out in front of you, making you vulnerable to a counterblow.

Do not raise the sword up behind your head
to try a huge blow—you will end up with a sword
in your gut.Hold your position, punch out to defend, and strike quickly.
Wait for your attacker to make a mistake. Stepping into a blow or deflecting it to the side will put him/her off balance. Once your opponent is off balance, you can take advantage of their moment of weakness by landing a disabling blow, remembering not to jab with your sword but to strike up and down or from side to side.

This information was abstracted from WORST-CASE SCENARIO
Survival Handbook
By Joshua Piven and David Borgenicht.
A great book to read for any Cruisemate.
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