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Default Thank You ,Manuel

Originally Posted by Manuel View Post
I certainly do.

I allways foung his posts interesting.

An explanation for my not posting :

Kuki banned me for 10 days and added 2 additional days . Supposedly because of my political stance and that I posted a quote from the movie National Lampoon's Animal House .

When I joined CM my screen name was Canarsie43 .However I forgot my password and re-registered as Henry 43 .
During the 10 day ban I discovered that Canarsie 43 was still usable and I used it to explain that I was banned ,thus causing an additional 2 days .
I've been told by Kuki that if a person receives 6 infractions that constitutes a lifetime ban .I've received 7 .
I cannot continue to post on CM ,it will be like "walking on eggshells."
The only way I would continue would be if Kuki removes the 7 infractions .If he chooses to do so I will no longer post anything political.

During the time I've been away I've been working on a literary blog .A friend of mine has a blog that is read by people all over the world .
This sunday I am doing a guest blog under my real name .Manuel read a rough draft a few days ago .
If anyone is interested in reading the blog you can send me a PM and if Kuki has not permanently banned me I will respond sunday night (unless hurricane Sandy hits here) .
If you have my e-mail address and want the link to the blog please e-mail me .

Should this be my last post I want to thank CM for allowing me to meet some wonderful people .

I've met Manuel and his wife socially 7 times and they will be lifelong friends .
I've gotten to know Todd re telephone and hope one day to be able to meet him in person .
I've met Tom and his wife (people who post on occasion) and they are wonderful people .
I've been e-mailing lately with a female regular and I will continue to do so .
People who I enjoy posting to include:Moderator Donna ,Moraine ,Bob ,Kat ,Aerogirl and others .

I wish everyone a wonderful life with health and happiness .
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