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Originally Posted by ship2shore View Post
Soon there will be nobody left, and no reason to post.
The moderators can talk amongst themselves.

We've been here 13 years, and one of the few cruise sites that remains profitable for its owners. We take the job of "protecting" our posters from attack very seriously. The staff have thick skins, so posters are given more leeway in posting negative comments here than any other site Ive seen (but there is a line to cross eventually).

Oddly, the complaints we do get about how the site is run, are almost entirely from people who forget what brought them here, and are people who rarely contribute to the actual cruise message board discussions.

We do well because of the people who come here, well as despite some of the people who come here.

We don't care what people's opinions are, as long as they express them, repectfully.

And the fact is, since we've been here the people who have forced us to suspend or ban them can be counted without using all your fingers and toes.
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