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Trip, My two favorites are the both in downtown Atlanta. One is the Fox. It was as a child, all red. I understand it is still there.

The other was the Lowe's Grand. Most beautiful place in the world. This was where the movie, "Gone With The Wind" premiered. Sadly it burned down in the 70's

Funny story now, but not to my mom when it happened. My mother's office was down and across the street from the Grand. When she heard the fire trucks, she looked out, and then called the man who took pictures for the firm, and he photographed it in the stages of burning down. When the film was developed, he gave the whole stack to her, to give to me. She didn't look at them, but just handed them off to me.

In the pictures was also a group of pixs of a roof top swimming pool. It was not just any pool, but the Playboy pool next door. This was the 70's, and fake boobs were just getting popular. One of the pictures is of a woman sunbathing without her top, and her boobs had fallen to each side of her body, still in the same form.

Now my mom probably never said the word Playboy, so this was a shock to me, but it turned into a joke between my brother and me. We never told her about the pixs, and I still have them somewhere up in the attic.

Maybe I should tell my son there are boobs in the attic. I'll bet he can find those pixs.
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