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Originally Posted by maddashin View Post
I am looking for one or two people interested in going on the Carnival South American cruise. The first one leaves Los Angeles on February 5th. The second leaves on February 20th.

The cruise is very reasonable and I want to do all of the cruises if I can. My cabin mate does not have to do both but can if they wish.

Please email me privately because I do not always get notice that messages have been posted.


I am already booked on the first leg of that cruise, Feb 3-20, in a fairly cheap cabin, and my friend has backed out. It would cost you about $1200 AND you would have the cabin too yourself the last 5 days as I am getting off in Lima on Feb 15. You would have to decide soon, because I cannot pay for this on my own and need to cancel by Nov 7th. I am a young 63 female, non-smoker, average weight, self-employed in a seasonal business. I would not expect you to do any activities with me, but would be open to collaboration! Please contact me ASAP.

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