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Hi, I only reply through the cruisemates option (click on the poster's name, click on "send private message" option). And I don't provide any personal information. There are all kinds out there and we must practice restraint and diligence no matter how attractive I am. Ooops! Sorry, I digress.

Retired 63 female, happy being single, want to cruise 2013, 2014 and 2015, weeklong or b2b would be fine, last-minute or long-time plans, balcony cabin if it's NOT port-intensive, inside OK if it is, since we won't be hanging on the boat. But I still prefer a balcony, and sometimes, the cruiselines offer upgrades, etc., so it's only a few dollars more than the dungeon. Trying to not be robbed because of my status! So let's save some money and have fun, too.

There's another thread here called "60+ ladies looking for a travel partner" or something akin, and I posted a more detailed bio there. If you are in my age range (my emotional range is in the teens, thank goddess), smart, kind, generous and not a head case, oh forget it. I'll swim there on my own. ROFL. Oh, and have I mentioned I used to be a stand up comic?

Anyway, whether you ladies respond or not, be careful sending emails to folks who post email addresses. Take it slow and easy and look sharp. There are crazies out there. I'm of an age when used to be you could trust folks. Not anymore. Use caution. Shame, ain't it?
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