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I finished my story yeah. Thanks Manny for the final review. I had a lot of fun writing it. Especially the exciting conclusion. I wanted the facts to be correct so I did a lot of research about the history that's in the story. But some stuff is pure fiction for effect. Here a link to the story if anyone else is interested. Fanfic: Sam and Dean take a cruise Ch 1, Supernatural | FanFiction

TM I hope you are doing okay. Did you get injured? I have had a lot of problems with this website it keeps tossing me on page 3 or page 708 and trapping me there so I can't see the most recent threads.

So I Thursday I had a sore throat and thought it was allergies. But as the day progressed it go worst and worst. Right now I'm good and sick. It's a bummer.

Nice to see the founder of this thread Thomas is back. I bet when he started with he didn't realize it was change and get a new name and everything. It will always be the last thread to me.
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