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As many on this Forum know, David and I moved to Patzcuaro, Mexico 2.5 years ago. We have built our home for retirement and are quite happy. We have driven by car, from our house to P.V. twice for vacations, and have similarly traveled to Zihuatanejo several times because it is closer and has a bit more charm.

I am posting to this thread from a hotel "Bungalows La Madera" in Zihuatanejo right this minute. In two and a half years we have seen not one act of violence. But we have seen multitudes of beautiful Mexican people loving and caring for their families as well as others.

The beautiful hotel in which we are staying is clean, spacious, well-run and has a spectacular view of Playa la Madera. We are thirty steps from one of the most beautiful beaches in the world. The room rate here is $60 per night.

Mexico is a travel bargain right now because of the troubles and bad publicity.

In my opinion the cruise ships have reduced their sailings to the Mexican Riviera not because of danger but because of all of the bad publicity and press Mexico has gotten. Bookings have dropped and the cruise ships always follow the money. Or so it seems to me!

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