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Originally Posted by Kuki View Post

Well, that's an "interesting" interpretation of events

First off I'll address your post under user name Canrasie 43. That post ONLY addressed a complaint about Paul and the way he chooses to manage the message board policies.

NOWHERE in that post did you mention getting banned, or that you were posting about your "other user name" Lakers Fan. Nor did you even identify yourself as Lakers Fan.

We keep all questionable posts in a folder that all staff can see. All of the posts that were deleted, and posts you were given warnings about are there.

No posts are ever deleted because of political views (in the Open Debate forum). However, personal attacks are infractions; whether the personal attacks are made against other posters, or moderators and staff.

After the initial infractions were given, you simply continued to complain about receiving them, in your posts.

If anyone wants to question the policies of how the message boards are operated, they are free to do so via private email.

However, for people to assume they are free to do so on our message boards only proves a lack of understanding of the rules, and shows disrepect for a site (and it's established rules) that is provided to you to use free of charge.

Infraction points expire after 12 months.

You were in fact given several warnings before you were given any infractions. After receiving

I am not going to debate this with you .I am sitting at my computer awaiting Hurricane Sandy which is expected to hit my area very soon . My wife does not want to evacuate even though I do .However,we have been together nearly 48 years and I will not leave her here alone.

To you KUKI I say: ZEI GEZUNT . Its been interesting .

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