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Default Victory Dec 10, for all those going.

f anyone wants to meet me I will be playing roulette after my early seating for dinner until about
midnight. My pic is posted on meet on board under date, and ship of our sail, incase you will have
trouble spotting me (long blonde hair). I suggest you pick a time and meet at the first few tables that
are going to be at the beginning of the walk way that I believe will be called neptunes way, starts just
past casino, and it takes you by the disco's, all the way to the night club at the back of the ship
(Deck 5) I have been on all the destiny class ships, but could not log on to CCL's website to see for
sure. I suggest you do it after the late seating for dinner the first night, and get to know eachother. I
don't know what plans you all have for cayman, but I have booked the captain marvins three hour 3
snorkel stops that includes stingray city. I can add more to the reservations if you let me know you
would like to go. Cost 32 plus 5 for snorkel equ, my credit card at no charge will hold the reservation,
and you can pay for yourself at the dock. This tour rules compared to the ships offering, which may
be booked by the time you get to it. Yes I have been there and done them both. I must know before
we leave, so I can call and update marvins. Gail is in, others welcome. For those of you without a
balcony that don't want to be mobbed on deck when we set sail you are welcome to come on up to
deck 10 room 1067 and enjoy the view without the mob. ONLY 11 DAYS TO GO!!!
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