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Originally Posted by portly2 View Post
Hello everyone....Our cruise is booked and we are so excited!!! We are seniors who have never cruised at all. Our daughter and her boyfriend went on a Celebrity cruise last Feb. and she can't stop talking about how wonderful it was. We are completely won over.
We would love any insight into the Allure. We had seen a documentary on the Smithsonian channel about it's sister ship, the Oasis.....and we were blown away by it. We decided right then that if we ever sailed, it would be on the Oasis or the Allure that came a bit later. I have done tons of research online from food to entertainment to formal nights and beyond, but I would love to hear from folks who have sailed on the Allure recently or who will actually be on our particular cruise with us.
So nice to be a part of this wonderful and informative group of forums. Thanks for all that I have learned from all of you and for what I will learn from this day forward.
If you've never been on a cruise, you will be blown away by the Allure of the Seas. We've been on 43 cruises and were on the Allure last year. It is truly amazing and definitely a ship everyone has to try at least once.

Now, with that said, it does not come up to the quality of Celebrity, especially their newest Solstice-class ships. So it's not really fair to compare the two.

The Allure has alot of amenities and therefore attracts alot of families. There's something to keep everyone busy. By comparison, Celebrity is more upscale, sedate, doesn't have as many amenities, and attracts an older crowd - especially those who appreciate good food. While the food in the main dining room on the Allure is good, it's definitely not as good as Celebrity. But the specialty restaurants on the Allure are very good.

No matter which one you select, there's absolutely nothing as exciting as your first cruise! You'll have a wonderful time.

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