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Here is a strange post but I think it's still on topic. How can you see how many infractions you have and why? I think my hubby 'Creamy Italian' got an infractions but we could never figure out why. So he stopped posting.

I think the CM mods thought I was posting under the name 'Creamy Italian' and that is why my hubby got in trouble. Of course we were pulling a prank on my crazy sis at the time. So maybe he got busted because he pretended not to know her. Or maybe it was the final picture of him in a bath tub?

You couldn't see anything so I don't think that was it. But who knows. BTW C-sis thought the prank was funny as heck just as we know she would. I just always wondered why Creamy Italian got in trouble. It doesn't really matter now because he not a big message board guy anyway, I've just always wondered.
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