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Originally Posted by Chuck Palm View Post
In my humble opinion the NCL ships based solely in Hawaii have terrible service. Our room steward on the Pride of Aloha was bad to begin with and he quit and vacated the ship on the wednesday half way through our cruise. We had to clean our own room for four days. And they were pissed when we wanted to reduce our tips because of literally no service.

NCL is quite strict about wine brought on board, most strict of any line.
If you take some better grade box wine it is less likely to be discovered by their inspections...they are looking for bottles.

Our NCL hawaii cruise was the worst cruise we have taken out of thirty plus cruises. Seven pages of serious complaints to the purser's office had zero effect. We hated that cruise and have never hated any other cruise before or since.

If that had been our first cruise, we never would have cruised again. I'm sorry to say.
I sounds like you cruised when they had three ships sailing and had huge service issues. Oddly enough I'm not concerned about the service issues.

I hadn't cruised NCL but for me so far Royal is the most strict on liquor. They don't allow any wine carried on board. Carnival allows one bottle per person over 21. Royal doesn't have a bar set up. Carnival you can call the Bon Voyage department and have Rum, Vodka etc set up in your room. It has to be done pre cruise. I called and Royal doesn't allow this. I think they may allow wine in the room but not rum for sure. I'm wondering if you can per order a bar set on NCL? I'm not interested in sneaking liquor on board (too much work).
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