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When Fran was alive and we sailed with her Niece Adelaide on cruises, we stayed at the Hilton Garden Inn on Staten Island. The man who owns it, a guy named Nicostra, is a friend of my wife's niece and we've talked with him and his wife on several occasions.

I saw him interviewed this morning on TV (I think it was the Weather Channel but I'm not sure). It turns out that he, I guess, was the first hotel owner to stop the incoming reservations for the Marathon Runners and put people who were homeless in those rooms. It's a beautiful place and he is almost always full. He also owns a another beautiful hotel within walking distance (I forget which one but it's one of the chains that ends in "Suites"). He said that the people of the community (with whom he filled those rooms) were more important than anything else in the face of the current emergency. He obviously has lost a lot of money but then again, he can afford it. Nevertheless I for one, applaud his decision. I wonder how many other hotels on Staten Island, Manhattan, etc., that are not locally owned, are doing the same. I hope a lot of them are.
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