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I was glad to learn as well yesterday that Laker's Fan didn't suffer structural damage but like with Adelaide, the loss of power is increasingly depressing upon all so effected. And remember, neither Laker's Fan, his wife or Adelaide are spring chickens anymore. As we grow older we seem to require more heat (at least I certainly do) and I think that is one of the draws for folks such as you ,Manuel, to Florida. If I'm wrong, please correct me.

I'm praying that today is the "big day" for Adelaide, Laker's Fan and most if not all of the others similarly effected. Being a realist, that's not going to happen but hopefully it will for those two households as well as any other Cruisemate who find themselves in the same boat and whom we don't know about. I'm so proud to be a "member" of an organization that looks out for its own as I don't know what I would have done two years ago were it not for you'uns!
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