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Default Never give up hope for a price decrease!

The final payment for our cruise in January was October 31. I checked the prices the morning of the 30th, because my travel agent had mentioned that she would put the final payment through on the 31. The price when I checked was actually higher than when I booked.

For some strange reason I was up about 1:00AM on the 31st, and thought I would check the prices one more time. Much to my surprise they went down $310.00/couple for an outside room!!! WOW....Double and triped chedk the pricing and still came up with the decrease., Quickly sent an e-mail to my agent to check into it. She varified it, and sent out the final paperwork....$310.00 lower!

My suggestion is to never stop checking for a lower price....even on the last day. You never know.........

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