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Default 'LIVE' from the Carnival Magic

Hello All

I boarded the Carnival Magic yesterday in Galveston and we are off to a good start on the cruise. They have an unlimited internet package available that I signed up for last night so I thought I'd try something different if anyone is interested: Live reports from the cruise. Most know I write a review anyway so I'll try to post my daily notes here. Also if you have any questions, perhaps I can get the answer in 'live' time.

I'll start with embark yesterday...I arrived very early as I forgot to set back my clock, but it worked well as it was raining, there was a Biker Rally in Galveston, and a home NFL football game for Houston. Being ahead of the traffic helped a lot. I was on board by 11:00 am...early like I used to like to be (before everyone started coming early). In lieu of heading for the Red Frog for the 1st pax of the day freebie drink I went to and was the first at the Mongolian Grill. I got a free plate--! I did go to the Red Frog pub after lunch as it was raining on deck ... good excuse! After several cocktails and fun the weather had cleared and it was a now a beautiful day for sail away.

more to follow......
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