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Default Three CruiseMates Election Day Predictions

Three CruiseMates Election Day Predictions
by Paul Motter

This is a very close race but we have our own Election Day certainties about the future of cruising.


Announcing: predictions on the future of cruising

This is a very close election and it is vital for everyone to get out and vote. Now, to be honest we have no idea who is going to win this election, but we can make some predictions about what is coming in the near future no matter what; and so we are presenting our Election Day predictions.

Our first prediction is that cruising is still growing. There were four announcements of brand new ships to be built in just the last month alone. Our second prediction is that these ships will be bigger and higher capacity to maximize the efficiency of fixed costs per passenger. Our final prediction is that the cruise industry will grow at a somewhat slower but steady rate for the next four years at least. Royal Caribbean estimates its forward rate of growth is approximately three-percent.

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