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When you first get in your cabin, there will be one showing all the times and activities for the first day.

Then, as aerospace stated, each evening your cabin attendant will leave another one on your bed for the next day.

This newsletter has some invaluable information in it, including the contact information for the port. I always tell my clients to insure they take the newsletter with them when going into port. Should anything happen and you need to get in touch with the ship, you'll need this information. Plus, the newsletter will show you the departure time from port, which is always useful.

But it's full of everything you want to know about what's happening on the ship; when each of the dining venues are open, the dress code for the evening's meal in the main dining room, when the bars are open, what the show times are, etc, etc.

Each evening, we lay in bed and mark all the things for the next day that we don't want to miss, and then make sure we have it with us pretty much all the time.

Also, since I mentioned going into port, make sure your watch is set to the ship's time as on some ships it can be different than local time.

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