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Default Punchliner Comedy Brunch

Punchliner Comedy sucks. IMHO

If your a cruiser that likes to party late and sleep in the mornings to 10:00ish then it's probably ideal for you.

If your a cruiser that like to get up earlier it really limits your breakfast options. Since they have implemented this system there are only three options for breakfast: Room Service, Lido buffet, or the Brunch. No regular (MDR) dining room service. The Lido opens later (7:30) and the Brunch starts at 9:00 am. What has happened is all the diners that would have eaten in the MDR from 8-9:00 are now in the Lido. The only eggs on the buffet were some very runny scrambled eggs. so trying to get anywhere near the omelette station requires a very long wait. This morning there were 2-3 people in the long buffet lines, but 25-30 standing at the omelette station trying to get decent eggs.

This also causes a huge line to form waiting for the Brunch to open at 9:00 am in the Northern Lights dining room and takes a while to get everyone seated. You also get the confusion of people wanting to just see what they think is a comedy show and not interested in breakfast AND people who just want a nice breakfast and not interested in all the noise of the comedy routine or actually a sales pitch. Very confusing.

I just can't believe it will continue. I met a lot of unhappy guests the past two mornings. If it does I guess I will adapt, probably using room service for early bite then go to brunch about 10:30 after the lines get drawn down. I much rather prefer the main dining room system, but maybe I'm just getting old and not liking the changes.
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