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Originally Posted by Paul Motter View Post

I personally never understood why they thought breakfast is the meal of the day when most people will be ready for comedy. All I want before 10:00 is coffee.

I am curious - what role did George Lopez play in the Comedy breakfast - any audio/video? Any mention of him in the program, any of the comedians mention him?

Any George Lopez references at all?
Yesterday (first day) they played an recorded intro by Geo Lopez, then the comedy host came on live and gave the times for the Comedy club. Then he introduced the comedian and the comedian repeats exactly what the host just said about the comedy club and times. He then tells a bit that lasts maybe 5 minutes. Overall it's about 15 minutes.

This morning was the same, but I don't recall the Geo Lopez intro. Maybe they only do that the 1st day.

They run a bit by Geo Lopez on the TV promoting the Punchliner.

No one mentioned him at breakfast, I haven't been to Punchliners yet, but will and report.

I've seen a new graphic with Geo Lopez at a stand up mic and Punchliners above it.
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