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How are those waters betewen Orlando and Nassau? Are they rough?
In "general" you will have calmer waters,but, mother nature has control if this...if you get a queasy tummy, there are meds for this

Our room is an inside stateroom towards the front. Is that a bumpy ride?
We had a forward cabin a few cruises back,and had no issues.

Are the waters calmer or more rough in the winter?
I think if you had a storm in the area, before your cruise, you may have a bit of rough seas.

Will I feel a lot of movement?

The ships today have amazing stablizers,and in general.most pasengers donl't have issues.

In general do you feel pretty safe on cruise ships?
I have never felt unsafe onboard..In port, just be aware of your surroundings.

I am a cruiser who really enjoys Nassau...good shopping, Atlantis, nice local crafts,and fine weather....Please enjoy,and let us know how your cruise was, upon your return!

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