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Default Not a newbie but close...some questions.

OK, have cruise one other time (Enchantment of the Sea six years ago, 5 night) but either some things have changed or my memory is failing. We are currently booked on the IOTS for an 8 night cruise in March.

1) I dont remember ever eating at the main dining room for breakfast or lunch. Is there a lot of variety during these times? Does anyone remember items that were available or even better, a menu, What is the dress code for lunch/breakfast? I think I saw somewhere that you arent supposed to wear shorts, but you you get away with nice jeans and a button down shirt? I cant imagine getting all dressed up to eat breakfast.

2) I see that the windjammer is closed at some times during the day and night? I could have sworn that it was open 24 hrs a day when we took our cruise.

(3) Is room service totally free (plus tip)? Something else I dont remember 6 years ago. Is the menu for room service the same as the dining room?

4) saw that Royal Carribean changed their wine/champagne rule so you can take two bottles on board. I'm assuming that it is per cabin and not per person? If you put two bottles in your luggage, how would they know that you also had 2 botles in your carry on as well?

5) What restaurants are an upcharge and which are free? I think I read Johnny Rockets is about $5.00 a person. Does that mean that you get to order anything on the menu for 5.00? What about the pizza place? I havent read anywhere that this is free or that it costs anthing. Do they only sell slices of pizza or do they also sell whole pizzas? Is there any other cafes/restaurants that are open 24 hrs a day? If so, what do they sell? Is Ben and Jerry much more expensive that it is on the mainland? Do you need to make reservation to eat at Chops and Portafino?

thank you
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