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For yours, Chuck's and anyone else's benefit let me here state that the cruise I took was a Cruisemate's group cruise which adds quite measurably to the good experiences I enjoyed.

Even that being the case, we were on the Epic which is of course NCL's "show piece" and therefore probably gets far more attention than the average NCL ship. I just don't know about the others. As most do, throw out most but not all of the "top" reviews and the "we hated" reviews. That doesn't mean they're untrue it's just that in a majority of those "we hated" cases, the cruiser was either ill treated initially by either someone on the ship or during the booking process (which is one reason Cruisemates has it's own Planner/Advisor/booking agent). I am confident that any cruise planner who takes the time to join Cruisemates has to be good such as "cruise planner" and for those reasons, if and when I cruise again, I shall always go with someone who falls into that category which is especially important if this is one's first cruise or first time on a line, etc. Actually I was nothing less than delightfully stunned by the quality of the food in the Main Dinning Room on the Epic although I'm sure most of us enjoyed the extra charge restaurants that probably represent three quarters of all the world's major cuisines. We had our own Celebrity Chef (Matt was on ours) in the group who offered his advice on what best to order, etc., so that definitely also kind of insured a good food experience on our cruise.

On any future cruises I also shall not be spending what I used to spend on alcohol as while I'm undoubtedly stupid, I'm not stupid enough to combine booze with relatively strong pain medication that I'll be on for the rest of my life. Living such a life has the combined positives of no hangover and a much cheaper cruises.

Obviously, I come by my pain medication honestly but when I hold those meds in my hand I constantly am thinking, "Do you know how much these are on the street?" When people ask me if I'm afraid of being burglarized I give them a quizzical look and say, "You DO know in what profession I was involved, don't you?" If they say "No" then I say, "I 'double tap' or two rounds in the chest and one in the head." Best and cheapest anti burglary insurance on the market!
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