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Thanks dhowcruise I love auto gratuity because I know I have tipped correctly. Plus if any service is above and beyond I can give additional tips.

Mike M what is the upgraded entertainment on NCL? That sounds interesting.

Cruise planner thanks for the link to the review it was very good. I'm a foodie also. I grow my own stuff so my food can be as fresh and yummy as possible. Everyone raved about the food on Celebrity so maybe I was expecting too much. But the Shrimp was not deveined and the prime rib was tough. Seriously the prime rib was tough, this is the easiest cut of meat to cook the fat makes it favorful and juicy. I have had a dry as heck filet mignon on Carnival but that is a leanier cut of meat and harder to cook. So that was my issue with Celebrity. What Mike M said probably explains my food issues on Celebrity, but it's also not my style. I need action and there wasn't enough happening on Celebrity. Also some dude tried to take my plate at the buffet to seat me and that's just creepy. But that's my issue not Celebrity, I like to do a lot of things myself and sometimes too much service is overwhleming to me. I wanted to rip my plate out of the guy's hands and tell him to back off. But my mom and dad love this type of service and they aren't the only ones. I'm just a weirdo. I do enjoy sea days. I did a transatlantic (sp?)with 5 sea days and had a great time. That was on Carnival lots of interesting activites planned.

Todd you crack me up. We have a similar anti burglary system at my house. I also have two dogs sleeping in my bedroom. They alert me if anyone tries to get into the house. Sounds like the Epic cruise was a blast. I'm Portuguese on both sides so I don't get hangover much. I'm 43 years old and have only had one hangover in my life. I make homemade wine my dad taught me and he learned from his dad and so on. I believe the tolerance to alcohol has built up in my system from generations of hard drinking relatives. I also don't drink that much, just some pre dinner cocktails.

Chuck Palm sounds like you have done some interesting cruises. I'm jealous. I was wondering out of Princess, Celebrity, and H.A.L. which did you like the best and why?
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