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Originally Posted by Paul Motter View Post
Port of Houston Announces New Cruises

by Paul Motter

In one day two different cruise lines announces new cruises out of Houston's Bayport Cruise Terminal

Bayport is less than half the distance from Downtown and Hobby Intl. Airport

We all we are living in a tough economy, but one state that has managed to avoid many of the economic hits that are giving other states like California a bloody nose is Texas. Over the last six years we have seen the number of cruises departing from California drop by 60%. Meanwhile in the same time period, cruises from Texas have grown by a greater number.

But up till now the more popular cruise port was Galveston - the shore side community on the barrier island just off the coast of the city of Houston. But as of yesterday the city of Houston has staked its claim on the cruise business and has persuaded at least two cruise lines to commit to the more centrally located Bayport Cruise Terminal located at the Port of Houston, actually in Pasadena, a suburb of Houston and closer to downtown Houston and Hobby International Airport than the port of Galveston.

Paul, thanks for this information. However, isn't that statement about Texas and California a political one. Didn't you give me a warning for something similar and told me that type of thing belongs in the Open Debate area?

Just sayin'
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