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Another thing with celebrity restaurants is the "IN" factor..people want to go, to say they've been...then if it's bad, they trash it, and if it's was good, it's fablulous chit chat.

I have a celebrity reataurant on our block in Wellesley Ma. It's Ming Tsai's Blue Ginger. This place has had fabulous reviews...we share a communal parking lot,and when they are cooking,and we inhale, you can gain 5 pounds easily His entree into the rarified air of celeb chefs, was slow and calculated, with no endorsements for a long time..I think he still has only the one restaurant.

Limos used to drive 4 hrs form NYC, loaded with people to dine at Blue, then drive 4 hrs back..oy! Our parkinglot at times had several limos waiting for their passengers!

BTW, Guy is the butt of many famous chef's jokes. Fair or unfair?

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