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Good morning Gang. Thanks for the welcome home.

I hope we all have a healthy year.

I had a wonderful time. Dominica was great. I want to go back. I did not see any whales or dolphins but had a nice time looking for them. Did see some flying fish and got a beautiful view of the island from offshore. We did not get back in time to do an island tour, which was a bummer. Oh well, it's an excuse to go back. We did shop at the flea markets and talked to the folks there.

I had looked forward to St. Lucia and was disappointed. I want to go back there and try again. I had the worst tour I've ever had. I booked it last minute and it really was not much. It just took us around town and mostly stopped for shopping. Too top it off, our guide left a lot to be desired. I caught her in what she thought was a private moment...doubled up in what looked like pain. I think she'd taken something for it before work, too.

The Sun is a small ship with not a lot of extras but it had great food and the entertainment was good. I had a relaxing ten days. About 90% of the people on board were my age (49) or older. It was a great cruise.
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