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You must be darned near as old as I am. While I'm not familiar with that particular character, back in the fifties local TV stations around the country used to have horror show night every Friday night. Every city with a TV station must have had it. The local fellow where I was, was a ghoul called Selwyn. Even as a youngster around eight, I remember laughing my head off at his jokes. Of course the horror genre' on TV back then consisted of the old Frankenstein (Boris Karloff), Dracula (Bela Lugosi), The Wolfman (Lon Chaney) movies from the thirties.

Now you ain't gonna' believe this! Talk about draconian, my wife's "bedtime" stories when she was very small consisted of the most horrific tales you can imagine and these were related by her own Mother who spoke very little English. I guess in Italy, The Wolfman was deemed to actually exist because both her parents literally believed it did and even swore they knew one because if you were born at the same time of Christ, you were condemened as a Werewolf! Naturally according to them, all Werewolves had to be born on Christmas Eve. She didn't even try as an adult to tell her mother Christ was not born in December or her mother would have probably labeled her a heretic and this, Shiptoshore, was from an educated woman!!! Actually, one of her most frightening tales centered around her waking up and finding herself buried in a casket. Talk about sick puppies!!!! You'd be amazed at how many Europeans back in the twenties and thirties and forties actually believed all of the stuff really existed. Some still do, I kid you not!

With parents like that, you could save a fortune on movie tickets!
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