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Originally Posted by ToddDH View Post

Now you ain't gonna' believe this! Talk about draconian, my wife's "bedtime" stories when she was very small consisted of the most horrific tales you can imagine and these were related by her own Mother who spoke very little English. I guess in Italy, The Wolfman was deemed to actually exist because both her parents literally believed it did and even swore they knew one because if you were born at the same time of Christ, you were condemened as a Werewolf! Naturally according to them, all Werewolves had to be born on Christmas Eve.
That explains why my Father-In-Law always disappeared for three days each month. He was born on December 24th. We always thought he had a girlfriend.

Getting back to Janeane: I always wonder why people put so much stock in what celebrities do and say. Most of them aren't too smart.

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