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I agree that Times Square is a tourist trap, the stores there are famous for having "going out of business sales" every week of the year.

And I am sure this restaurant probably figured it could get away with a lot because most people going there would be wide-eyed tourists.

But it doesn't make sense that a famous name would think they could open a NY restaurant anywhere and not get compared to other famous restaurants. Being in Times Square is no "excuse."

However - it is logical that someone in management might think it was, and I am guessing he was probably fired, or close to it.

The link Kuki provided also had references to Yelp, and it says many locals also rated the restaurant as poor. So - it probably was.

- IT is also possible a lot of the review was prompted by that dinner party, which I would not say is fair, since those catered events usually have separately prepared food and other differences.
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