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Originally Posted by cruise planner View Post
If you use a credit card and something happens, you have the option to dispute the charges and the credit card company will help you. We've traveled all over the world and have been on 43 cruises - we've always used a credit card and have never had any problems. In all that time, I've never had them not release any holds within a day or two, but obviously stuff happens for some people. Plus, we've had thousands of clients use them and never had any problems, with the exception of one person. Chances are problems won't happen.

And I didn't say travelers checks are not accepted onboard ship - I know for a fact they are. I said they are becoming a thing of the past.

And I didn't say the bill you get in the morning will be the final, I said it should be the final, but things happen.
Maybe it should be,, but the fact is it isn't - ever.

I use cc everywhere except onboard a ship. And I too, have more than 40 cruises - did you have a point with that remark?

I have found the cruiselines are getting worse at the onboard errors as time goes on. I don't intend to pay for something then have to argue the point later. They can do the arguing and prove I owe them. If it's cash, they will. Of course, I don't spend much onboard. Never take ships excursions for example. They are a waste of money. We do eat in Specialties but they are easily seen on the bill. We don't gramble and I never buy anything jewellry or "art" onboard.

So, we have grats and whether we pay in cash or onboard account is determined by us late in the cruise, a couple of bevvies and specialty dining.

As for the holds, there are more and more ppl complaining the holds are being released for a least a week. I'm funny I guess, I don't approve of any holds that should be released immeidiately - not down the road whether it is 24 hours or 2 weeks.
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