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Default 20 days until the Liberty!

My Wife and I are getting excited for our first cruise! However we have a few simple last minute questions. I know extra tipping is normally done at the end of the cruise but I've also read that some people will tip a bartender at the begining of a cruise to "hopefully" get a little better service during the remainder of the cruise. Is this normal or recomended? Also if we order room service is this something that people tend to tip a little extra on at the time of delivery or no?

This is going to me last hoorah for awhile since when we return I will be having a spinal fusion to hopefully finally fix my bad lower back.

Oh one other question I have is when and how do people normally attach their luggage tags that they print out before the cruise? We are flying in the day before the cruise so I figured I would attach them then but I got to thinking that what if my luggage gets lost and the airport has to bring it dirrectly to port? Anyone have any advice on this?

Thanks everyone!
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