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Wonderful pic, Donna. And Trip, you couldn't be more right.

As for my situation, it seems to be bearable when I get up and walk around. It's the getting up that's horrific.

I see Jeff this afternoon and although I have no way of knowing, I'm prepared to uhhhhh.......make a visit to that big building with individual rooms and electric beds for several days. I know he's going to want an echo (echocardiogram), I'll have a picture of my back taken and I'm hoping I can have and have an aquapherisis. I am amazed at the number of medical people that are unfamiliar with it because gives a Congestive Heart Failure patient four to six months of a normal life. Inevitably, it's gonna' kill me but it gives me more time. At some point, when I'm ready, I'll throw in the towel but I haven't reached that stage yet, though I'm getting close. If I can get four or five months of a somewhat normal life to make some financial arrangements, then I'll exit stage right as a happy camper.

Am taking my laptop so I hope to check in if I'm admitted. It's a somewhat cold dreary morning here and I think it's going to be "one of those days" but it is supposed to clear if not today, then tomorrow and Thanksgiving should be sunny.

I'm taking a couple of books one of which I want to show passages to Jeff. Michael, if you're out there, you absolutely have to read MY LIFE IN THE NYPD by James "Jimmy The Wags" Wagner. There's a almost a whole section devoted to my wife's niece's husband who was gunned down in the back by the BLA back in January. Back then they were unrestricted as to what they could carry off duty (they are today) so it should come as no surprise that one officer had in the backseat of his sector car a 40mm military grenade launcher with 40 grenades!!! Can you imagine a sector car with a grenade launcher's barrel sticking out of the rear window? Back then when they went hunting for a cop killer, believe me, they went to war! We all did, including me and my officers but I uhhhhh....don't remember any grenade launchers in Manhattan
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