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Originally Posted by Paul Motter View Post
Interesting - I am not expert in air tickets and their restrictions. And in all honesty even though I have purchased tickets directly through an airline I have not found them to be especially helpful -

Last week I had to change a ticket I bought directly from US Air, and encountered a $150 change fee. Can you clarify what the limitations are on ChoiceAir or EzAir?

I did look up the EzAir program before I wrote this and found there are two levels - one says that changes are allowed up to 45 days out, the other says charges are allowed - minus applicable fees - same as I encountered with the airline.

Air Travel: Princess Cruises

What am I missing here?
Cruiselines buy in Bulk. They're not technically consolidator tickets, but they CAN come with a bunch of restrictions that you don't really know about until it hits the fan. If everything goes fine, you wouldn't know the difference between someone buying through the airline and someone buying through Choice Air...but when things start to go wrong, you could be in for a shock when you find your highly restrictive cheap ticket can't be assigned to any other route or any other airline which a regular airline bought ticket can.

And... with the Princess air that is changeable, that's the flex fare... small print on the flex fare, you may not get when you picked. The don't actually buy the ticket until 45 days before so if the routing you picked is now a higher price or sold out, tough, they'll give you what they can.

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