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Default Give Celebrity a Try!!!!

Well, at least you got a cruise! I was to leave 11/8 on the Crown Princess
from Venice for the Greek Isles. I flew from San Diego to JFK (landed in
a driving blizzard on the night of 11/7). A foot of snow on the ground.
I hadn't seen snow in 26 years.

Flight from JFK to Venice was cancelled. The airline couldn't offer another flight for 3 days (no guarantees).

Since my cabinmate is 93.5 yrs old...I could not put her through that wait!
We slept on the floor at JFK (no transportation co. would come into JFK
to transport us to a hotel because it was "too dangerous". Thousands of
people were angry and invading other passengers' personal space. Everyone
was hungry and irritable. Nothing for sale in the international terminal that
resembled "food". (aren't New Yorkers gourmets???)

The next morning we returned to San Diego. Dejected. We missed the entire cruise..All the ports. That was to be my 47th cruise. Nothing like this
has ever happened to me before. But, I see it can.

Our luggage went on to Venice whenever a flight left JFK.....we had a bottle
of wine in our suitcase. My husband said he had a picture of "some gondola
driver drinking our wine...partying and wearing our brand new evening gowns!. Ha!! The luggage showed up fine over a week later (wine and

The next morning I asked my friend if she wanted to go to Mexico. She said
when? I said tomorrow. So we booked a 7 day Mexico cruise on Holland
America and left the next day!

Travel requires a lot of emotional energy. But when it's really
worth it! Book your next cruise on Celebrity (my favorite)!

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