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My point is that I said "depending on the program you select."

From the Princess Web site: Air Travel: Princess Cruises

"If you miss your cruise embarkation due to an airline delay or service disruption, Princess will work with the airline to provide flights to the next appropriate port at no cost to you."

I saw the words "will work with you" So I also contacted the cruise line to see what that means. I was told "We will find a way to get you to the ship but we do not guarantee that it will be at no cost."

In other words - the words "will work with you" refer to finding the flights, a service they provide for no additional cost. However, I never said they guarantee those flights will not have an additional cost. I said they will cover "some" change or cancellation fees - depending on the program you select (the ones with unrestricted air tickets, obviously).

I used the same language the cruise lines use, and I made it clear that you have to choose the right program to get unrestricted ticket changes.
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