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Betty and I watch the Amazing Race. It doesn't center "too much" on the drama but more on the race itself. I have noticed they are putting a little more "drama" into the characters but it is still good.

We also enjoy watching Top Chef and Chopped.

I hate to admit it but last summer I was sucked into watching "Big Brother" and have to admit I got a bit addicted to it. I actually watched a few of the Showtime "After Dark" episodes to find out who won some of the challenges and HOH. Now, that's bad. Betty had watched Big Brother for a number of years but I was never interested but something, this year, sucked me in. I feel a bit dirty and ashamed. Sort of like the morning after the drunken one night stand.

Now: If I start watching the "Housewives of Where Ever" you all have to promise me that you'll throw me over the railing on the next Cruisemates cruise.

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