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WOW! Eight hundred dollars for a five minute office visit? Absolutely out of bounds!

We all have deductibles. As I am on Medicare, my NYS Insurance is in effect my Medi-Gap policy although they will pay for some things Medicare won't. Also, if you're on Medicare the only thing you pay is the deductible on your insurance and possibly a deductible on Medicare (I only pay one and I think it's off the grand that the state pays). If the physician accepts Medicare he/she accepts Medicare limits which are much less than what some (obviously including this physician) charge. Inasmuch as you, if I'm not mistaken, have also retired with similar insurance, with all of your health situations over the past year, you have to have more than fulfilled your deductible(s). Therefore by this time of year, if the guy's bill was 800 bucks which I question, you should still never have paid over $160.00!! Again, however, it is all dependent upon whether the Doctor accepts Medicare Assignment and you have met your deductibles and then if he pulled this, he could (note the italics) be in big time hot water! Also, you should have received a notice or a rejection notice as to why your insurance didn't pay more.

I would not pay the $400 until I had researched it 6 ways from Sunday including a consultation with my medi-gap insurance!

I of course don't know whether or not you do, but if I'm sent for a visit to a physician with whom I'm not familiar, I'll make it a point to ask if he/she takes Medicare assignment.

Good luck!!!
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