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MIL's turkey wasn't to bad. She did try and take the turkey out when the temperature was 160 I made her leave it in the oven another 15 minutes. Turkey should cook to 165 or higher. The breast meat was a touch dry but that was down to her cooking method. High heat is the best way to cook a turkey and get it super moist. I also inject with Creole butter. I might be picky on that because it took me years to perfect my method and I know this sounds like bragging but I make the best turkey I have ever eaten.

The biggest issue my MIL had was she invited us at 2 to 3PM. Then called and said 3PM we got there and were the only ones there. Everyone else was arriving at 4PM. She also had planned a bunch of complex side dishes that made dinner run even later. We didn't eat until about 7PM. It's been a while since she hosted something like this and she over did it with the side dishes. I would have cut out about 3 of the side dishes. The additional side dishes weren't needed and caused her to be stressed out and exhausted by the time the meal came. So what I'm saying is she really took on to much for this meal. We had two types of stuffing, mashed yams, mashed potatoes, creamy onions, green bean casserole, carrots, gravy, ham, and turkey. It was only ten people. I love my MIL and I hate to see her that stressed out. A holiday meal should be relaxed and fun.
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