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Hi everyone,
After my guaranteed cabin was assigned and they "upgraded" me from inside 5th deck to 11 deck, I called my TA, and she recommended to wait till the prices drop, and then call and request an upgrade.
Last week the prices did drop a lot, guaranteed oceanview cabin was cheaper than what we paid for our inside guaranteed. The agency I booked with has a special online form to fill out in case the prices drop, so I did that and they said they would try to upgrade me to obstructed oceanview, but then they called me back and said the cruiseline wouldn't upgrade us, because we already got upgraded.
I don't mind the cabin we got, but since the prices have dropped and it doesn't look that the cruise is sold out, they could have moved us to the obstructed oceanview, since we actually paid more.... but I can't complain, I know it's a gamble. Next time, if we decide to cruise in early December, I'll probably wait till last minute to book.
Only few days left, can't wait !
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