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It is to be in the mid-40's today with sun. The mornings are quite chilly, but the sun warms the air to a nicer temp by noon. Nothing but warmer for the rest of the week.

Had an MRI yesterday. I looked at the CD I got for the doctor and it appears I have another bulging disk in the neck above the other three fused two years ago. Ugh. I will know for sure when I see the doctor on Tuesday.

DH will have a CPAP sleep study next week. He has been working over and 12 hours for several days. And he wonders why he is tired!!!!???? He does have mild sleep apnea so maybe the CPAP will help.

I put up the Christmas tree this morning with DH help. Took about 1/2 hour. Now, I am talking about getting the tree out of the basement and assembled. No decorations, no garland only lights at this point. We will see about some additions later today or maybe tomorrow.

I scrapped some last night while the dogs slept and DH was at work early. Holly left me a present in DD#2 bedroom that I "found" this morning with my stockinged foot. Yuck! Two years old and sometimes she just doesn't tell us. Darn puppy!!

Well, I have prattled on long enough. Hope all have a good day!
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