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Donna, I'm glad you're off today but my question is the same as Mike's. Is the "dreaded" transfer permanently off or just delayed?

Mike, gosh you must be so excited even with your frequent cruising experiences. I hope you'uns have a marvelous time.

My access issues to the threads continue. But at least I can gain access by clicking on the last post.

There is definitely, "Frost on the pumpkin" here in upper East Tennessee this morning! We are, however, going into a warming trend later that will result in highs in the mid sixties by Saturday or Sunday. Hope they're right.

Well, I put on my thigh high compression socks for the first time this morning. My gosh what a process! I was totally worn out by the time I had completed putting them on.

It'll be off to Walmart shortly for some shopping, then Lowe's for an aerator for the kitchen sink and then a stop at Staples for some paper.

Hope everyone has a great run-up to TGIF!
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