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Default Infinity & paying

Just back from a Panama Cruise on the Infinity ... wanted to say that I love the perspectives of people here.

Multiple cruiser, mostly on Celebrity but also Holland and Carnival and just wanted to share a couple of experiences. First, I hit the Olympic in 2001 ... and it was among the best dining experiences I've ever had in my life. Really ... just memorable.

But the costs have gone up to $40 now, and frankly the SS United States on the Infinity was ... well good, but not "all that". The goat cheese souffle was served rather cold, and didn't appear as it should. The entrees were fine, but at $40 ... feh. OTOH, I don't think you could have a more distinct or better experience than QSine. Phenomenal, and really other-worldly. Great service, best lamb chops ever, a true blizzard of foods spectacularly presented right down to the coffee and ice cream.

Also ... a contemporary note about charges. I don't know if this is echoed anywhere else but I was surprised to find that both specialty restaurants offered deep discounts (including 2-4-1) during the cruise.

One last note ... on the Eurodam, I felt one of the better choices was to enjoy the Pinnacle Grill for lunch at $10 a throw. But there is also this: on our cruise, I had the opportunity to be served, in the Pinnacle Grill, the original Creme Brulee by the lady that invented the dish - the wife of Sergio Macchioni. I can remember to the day that I was able to prepare this dish myself in the 70s, so it was ... a sublime event for me.

Some things, some times, are worth the chance. I will continue to spend the extra dollar now and again to enjoy specialty restaurants. And thanks to all for your posts.
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