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Default Christmas Markets Cruise Deals

Christmas Markets Cruise Deals
by Paul Motter

The European Christmas Markets Cruises are among the most memorable holiday experiences possible.


Viking River Visits the Christmas Market in Nuremburg

I have not said much about because I have not yet experienced it, but I am about to embark upon one of my most anticipated trips ever - a Christmas Markets river cruise in Europe.

These markets are unique to Europe, although the concept is familiar. The idea is a "farmer's market" like you might see in New York City's Union Square every weekend - where the Amish and other local purveyors of great produce, cheeses, breads, pies, pickles, sausage and more bring their hand-made goods to the city and sell them directly to us end users.

In Europe they hold these farmer's markets every year, but they do it specifically for the Christmas season, and the markets stay in place for any length of time from several days to months. Now, we already know that local markets are the best shopping in Europe, especially for food. They are the primary reason the French created nouvelle cuisine - the freshness and authenticity of the ingredients sold there.

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