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Originally Posted by OldFartCruiser View Post
Mike, What erks people about Olive Garden is the same as their sister restaurant Red Lobster. They will advertise on TV or in the newspaper with a picture of their meals and when you order the same meal in the restaurant it is a small portion. They show jumbo shrimp on the plate and you get small shrimp in the restaurants. Granted, it is tasty, but larger shrimp are more tasty.

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I agree but the same thing can be said for just about any large chain or franchise restaurant. I've never seen anything that vaguely resembled the TV ad at a Sizzler.

I have to admit that my Olive Garden experience is limited to a couple in the Minneapolis area but their presentation is OK. Red Lobster..........well that's a different story. I haven't ate there in many years. Then again, I do need an oil change.

The same thing can also be said about every cruise line. I have yet to see the same people on a cruise that I see in the brochure or many of the TV ads or people dressed in the same manner. Or that everyone has a full suite and champagne and caviar on the veranda. Also the food pictures are often hyped up. Advertising conveys the "image" and not the reality.

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