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Default How thin are the walls?

We've been on one other cruise ab out 6 years ago. We stayed at the Renaissance Hotel in ft. Lauderdale the night before. We arrived at the hotel in the middle of the day and were welcomed by the sound of some very loud sex in the room below us. I'm fairly certain they had their balcony door open as if we walked onto ours in seemed as if we were in the same room. That night,,,same thing...but the room next to us.

We are young, not prudes, and didnt have kids with us so it really wasnt a big deal....

....but now I'm thin are the walls on the ships? I dont remember hearing anything through the walls but I really have to wonder what they heard from our cabin. We never got any complaints so I guess all is well, but maybe I'll be a little more concious of it this time around
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