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It makes me sad that someone would be so bothered by this that they would make a post about it. Who said Disney is just for children? Disney has been around for a really long time. With that being said, Walt started to build Disneyland in Florida I believe in 1954? With his cartoons such as Snow White done in 1937. Also, Disney replenishes their cartoons and brings them back - for example: My very first movie I went to see was when I was a preschooler in the early 1990's was Snow White! My wonderful grandmother took me to see it, and that is when I fell in love with Disney. My husband and I are taking our three great kids on the Disney Wonder next fall. Why? Because my husband's first movie he seen was Peter Pan, and we both have never experienced anything Disney before. My children also love Disney. Why I give these examples is because your post is implying grossly that Disney is JUST for kids, when in fact...Disney is for everyone. Disney has been around for a great while, meaning lots of us have grown to have Disney's entertainment be apart of their lives. There is absolutely nothing wrong with adults going on anything Disney. After this cruise, my husband and I plan on taking a Disney Cruise...just for us! It is very troubling that you feel that not everyone can enjoy Disney. Those adults standing in line paid high rates to be on that ship as well. If you have this attitude, you better change it fast or it will ruin any future Disney trips for you.

I hope you find peace in your next cruise adventure and enjoy it regardless who else is on the boat with you. (hugs)
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