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Good morning everyone:

I was up bright and early trying to gather "information" for our techs on the problems we're having. I did find out one thing that has already been found.


It takes you to the wrong URL. The best way to access the site is via: www.cruisemates/forum and use the Quick Links > Today's Posts shortcuts to navigate the site.

If you can believe it I, and the rest of the CM staff, are more frustrated than all of you with this.

Well, today is the last full day in the house for a month. I'm sitting here looking at a packed suitcase and verifying that I have all the "stuff" taken care of before we head out. Yesterday, I put small posts (electric fence posts) up and down the driveway so my new plow guy will be able to see the contour if and when he plows. My old plow guy finally had to give it up. He's now 78 and both he and his 1954 Dodge Power Wagon are no longer fit for plowing. It sort of makes me sad. I'll probably save money because I always gave him a couple hundred each Fall to plow and last year he only plowed once. For snows less than four inches we just blow it ourselves. Two years ago I gave him an extra $200 because of all the snow. The interesting thing is that he never asked for any money. I just gave him what I thought was fair. He did tell me once that I was more "fair" than my neighbors. The new guy is only charging $25 a time. Not bad, since I have a 150 foot driveway.

We also had a wonderful weekend with the Grandkids. It was fun playing with them, working on homework and just talking. They grow up so fast. It's is nice but also a bit strange to start having "adult type conversations" with my ten year old granddaughter. She is studying WWII in school and I gave her my Dad's medals and pictures from his service days. We also watched a couple of documentaries on WWII to give her more of a perspective of what led up to the war and why we entered it. She was amazed to learn that before 1941 there were so many people against going to war in Europe and Asia.

OK: I've babbled enough. I'm off to get my day started. I think Betty deserves to awaken to a clean and clean shaved husband.

Have a great Monday and a wonderful, wonderful week.

Take care,
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